Vitabon Drops is a phyto-pharmaceutical formulation which helps in complete development of children, vitabon is recommended as adjuvant with antibiotics to protect vital organs, vitabon helps in the development of nervous system, Digestive and respiratory system and in blood formation .
Simtones: with antibiotics low nutritional Diet low food or milk diet Malnourished infant
Pharmacological Actions :
1. Eclipta alba increases appetite by improving bile secretion from liver cells.
2. Asparagus racemosus helps in the development of nervous system Digestive and respiratory system, and in blood formation[4]
3. Madhuca indica has antinociceptive and antidiarrhoeal activity. Amalaki and piper longum helps to develop immunity system stronger [1]
4. Boerhavia diffusa acts as hepatoprotective.[2]


Each 120 ml contains aqu. ext . of :
[Eclipta albo ] 20 mg
[Asparagus racemosus ] 30 mg
[Terminalia chebula] 15 mg
[Bacopa monniera ] 25 mg
[Madhuca indica ] 20 mg
[piper longum ] 25 mg
[Sesbanitia sesban] 30 mg
[Boerhavia diffusa] 30 mg
[Vitis vinifera ] 15 mg
[Syrup base ] q. s.

Dosage: 5-10 drops four a day or as directed by the physician .

Pack: 30 ml .


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