Rakta Salsa Syrup, a herbal formulation, is an effective blood  purifier. Rakta Salsa is  recommended  in various skin disorders  like dermatitis, urticaria, eczema, and acne –pimples. It enhances  immune response  to prevent repeated relapses. Rakta Salsa. Being a tasty blood purifier increases  patient  compliance.

Simtones: Various Skin Diseases.  Urticaria  or Eczema        Acne-Pimples, Scars     Allergic skin rashes, Dermatitis

Pharmacological Actions:

*1. C. Angustifolia  increases paristalsis  and prevents constipation.[1]

*2. Acasia Catechu,s astringent action removes dead skin cells and its antioxidant action removes skin wrinkles

*3. Rubia Cordifoil  has significant  antibacterial action against  Propionibacterium  acne. Rubia  Cordifoila  increases grows of dermis, from fresh skin.[3]

*4.Azadirachta indica is  helpful in treating  eczema and  psoriasis.[4]

*5. Rhium officinalis  is useful in reducing  melasma and hyperpigmentation.[5]

*6.Dermotab’s Curcuma longa  helps to  heal  wounds and has immunomodulatory action[6]


For: .

Composition: Each 10 ml contains  aq. Ext. of::

[Rubia Cordoflia] 125 mg

[Embelia Ribes ] 50 mg

[Cassia angustifolia] 150 mg

[cassia fistula] 50 mg

[P. santalinus ]30 mg

[Bauhinia variegate]  30 mg

[Curcuma  longa ]30 mg

[T.glaberrinum] 30 mg

[Ocimum sanctum ] 20 mg

[Acacia Catechu] 100 mg

[H.indicus] 150 mg

[Rheum officinale] 100 mgb

[Rasa centifolia] 30 mg

[Cedrus deodara] 30 mg

[Acoras  calamus ] 15 mg

and Ark of:

[E.myrobalan ]0.3ml

[Terminalia belerica] 0.3 ml

[Picrorrhiza Kurroa]  0.3 ml

[Terminalia chebula  ]0.3 ml

[Tinospora cordifolia] 0.3 ml

[A.indica Bark ] 0.6 ml

[Pongamia glabra]  0.3 ml

[Azadirachta indic] 0.6 ml

[Syrup base    q.s.]

Dermotab also contains Chirayata,  Punarnava, Shudh gandhak, Bakuchi, Prawal pishthi Shunthi, Chandan;  Rubarb ect.

Dosage: Rakta salsa Syrup: Adult: 2-3 Teaspoonful thrice a day.                                       Children: 1-2 Teaspoonful a day .

Dermotab tablet: 2 tablets two-three times a day .

Pack: Syrup:110,210,450 ml

Tablet: 100, 500,Tablets.


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