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Dermola ointment a herbal skin care ointment recommended in various skin disorders. Dermola is useful in dermatitis eczema fungal & bacterial infection etc. Dermola reduces rashes on skin by astringent & anti-inflammatory action. Due to Vaseline base, Dermola remains active  for a long time:

Indications:    Chronic or Acute Ringworm Scabies   Dermatitis  Skin  Fungal  Infections  Eczema  rashes  on  skin  Heel crack

Pharmacological Actions:

1. Psoralia corylifolia has antifungal [candida albicans] and antibacterial  action [Staph. Aureus].[1]

2. Arsenicum sulphidum  has antipruritic  action which helps in fast healing. [2]

3. Copper sulphate  promotes angiogenesis.[3]

4. Acasia  catechu has astringent  and anti-inflammatory  action.[4]

5.A.Sulphidum has quick action on ringworm  scabies.

6. Dermola dose not  taink  clothes increases skin  growth to replace infected skin.




Each 10 gm made using :

[Sulphur]  300mg

[Ar. Sulphidum ] 200mg

[Yellow Ar. Sulphidum ]200 mg

[Copper sulphate ]100 mg

[murda sarg ]200 mg

[Psoralia Corylifolia]  105 mg

[Acasia catevchu ] 3 mg

[E.Cardamom ]200 mg

[Camphor ] 50 mg

[T. ammi] 70 mg

[Boric Acid ] 300 mg

[vaslien base ]  q.s.

Pack: 30 gm in tube.

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